Ceramic slab, watermelon seeds

#Ceramic _slab  Ochre, pinky, turquoise and wine colours. The dark dots came from melting tiny pieces of glass, toguether with the red and green it reminds me of a water melon. This slab was glazed at low temperature 800º, . When I am painting with the pigments all the colours are white … Leer más

Ceramic vertical composition with hole

#Ceramic_vertical_composition, glazed with #mate_natural_pigments at high temperature, on the blue areas there are different footprints such as metal bottle cups and other objects. This composition was fired at high temperature 1200º, with natural pigments, those have colours found in the Nature such as greens, blues, earthy tones, etc. . Milan

Ceramic composition, poppy field

#Ceramic_composition, a #poppy_field. The pieces are made from liquefied clay leaving big drops to drops dry on absorbent surface, achieving #concave shapes. #Red #poppies.  A ceramic poopy field, this composition was made with big drops of liquefied clay, leaving  them dry onto an absorbent material, which provoked  the concave curving around … Leer más

Ceramic slab, with nautical shackles

#Picture, #Ceramic_slab, with footprint of old #fishing_equipment and #rusty #nautical_shackles. #Shackles. #Sea. This composition was made with rusty nautical shackles from the coast of Hastings. They were sank on the clay leaving their footprints, before the base was fired. The back ground reminds me of stained blue background reminds me of the … Leer más

Ceramic ovals with spoty surface

#Ceramic_ovals hanging from #jute_string, the #stone_enamel. Ceramic decoration to be hung from a high point. These ovals were fired at high temperature 1200º, the spotty surface came out unintentionally, just from reactions of the enamels of the different pieces burned at the same time. The pieces are tied with jute … Leer más

Ceramic slab, with melted white wax

#Ceramic_slab, composed by attaching horizontal #clay_bands, it reminds me of the sea. On the red bands there are drops of melted wax, which were added after the firing.  Hanging from metal wires, there are suspended cooper and ceramic cylinders. This piece reminds me sea stratums, the slab was made joining … Leer más

Composition, textured ceramic & steel pieces

#Ceramic_vertical_composition, with stainless steel horizontal pieces.#Enamelled_ceramic. Composition made with ceramic and steel pieces. They were combined to make contrasts between textures and colours. Some of the pieces were fired 5 or 6 times to reach these contrasts. Milan.  

Ceramic slab with rusty agriculture tool

#Ceramic_slab, with a #rusty_agriculture_tool This composition reminds me of earth and water stratums, the rusty iron tool was sunk on the clay slab before its firing. Later it was s sewn on it with thick cooper wire. Malaga

Glazed ceramic sea wore pebble

#Enamelled_ceramic #sea_wore_pebble on a #red_background with green marks coming from #melted_glass. #ceramic_pebble. Yellow ceramic pebble found in the sea and enamelled later  in green and red, it has a clay back ground glazed in red with some green glass melted, the green circles. Roma