Ceramic ceiling mobile

  #Contemporary_ceiling_mobile Wire structure ceiling mobile with round ceramic pieces in its extremes. The composition turns around a concentric point without allowing the pieces to touch each other. It reminds of planets. Alicante

Recycled black tile

Black tile enamelled with red and #orange_glazing. #Ceramic.  Abstract  painting, made from recycled black industrial ceramic  tile, enamelled with red and orange glazing over its prime dark grey coat. Altea

Lamp with porcelain suspended pieces

#Lamp made with #porcelain_pieces suspended with fishing lines. The top structure from which is hung from the ceiling, is the grill of an electric wind fan. The beauty of the piece is the soothing sound provoked by the breeze moving the pieces. Alicante

Ceramic vertical composition, a puzzle

#Ceramic #vertical_composition, made with different handmade #ceramic_leffovers and #ceramic_sea_wore_pebbles. #glazed_pebbles. Composition made with squared pieces fired at low temperature 800º, they pieces have very bright colours and they were placed to combine different colours and textures. Alicante

Annual award trophy

The piece is void, made by casting a big sea pebble and later dripping liquefied clay inside. The base is made of iron its vertical body is displaced from the centre

Ceramic planes & blue planet

#Ceramic #artistic_planes & blue_planet. Picture, ceramic composition with planes of different colours and a blue planet, its background is a recovered board from a building site.  

Ceramic circles in a wall composition

#Ceramic_wall_composition with liquefied clay pieces. #ortange_circles. #blue_circle. Picture, ceramic composition with orange and blue circles fired at low temperature 800º. The blue circle glazing has a glass finishing coat to achieve the cracks seen in black. The cracks are enfacied after the firing by filling them up with ink.

Glazed ceramic sea wore pebbles & hand made pieces

#Ceramic_vertical_composition made with #handmade #enamelled_pieces and other #-eramic_pieces #found_in_the_sea. Ceramic compositions made with ceramic pebbles found in the sea, the green enamel has melted glass in blue colour. The back ground is a metal sheet and also its frame.