Wall mural


Wall composition with seawore pieces.




      Sea wore ceramic pebble


Boat shackles prints on ceramic slab


Blue Moon


Calculator, sea wore pieces

Trophey for Jeturbe


Puzzle composition


Black Biscuits


Black clay slab


Wall lamp


#Ceramic vertical composition, with staininless Steel horizontal pieces. Composición vertical de #ceramica esmaltada con piezas horizontales de acero.

Composition, wit stain less steel horizontal pieces.




Tool print and shadow

Sea Waves & Buoys


Red & blue strips with wax white drops

Starboard and port


Big biscuit


#Ceramic_ovals hanging from jute_string, the _stone_enamel was fired at high temperature, its spots came from a unpredicted reaction in the oven.

Ceramic biscuit


Sea wore pieces


#Ceramic_wall_lamps supported by iron structures. #Lámparas_de_ceramica_para_pared, con estructuras de hierro.

Ceramic wall lamps


#Ceramic slab, with a rusty agriculture tool lying and sewed with cooper wires on its on footprint. The background with horizontal blue and brown enamels reminds me of stratums of water and ground.

Tool print on ceramic slab


Ceiling mobile


Poncelain ceiling lamp