Tienda de Vinos

Hat Shop, 10th anniversary, shop window decoration.

Mannequin wrapped in old newspapers and champagne glasses hanging from a cord.




Wine bottles displayed in a wine tasting school, summer

Wine bottles inside timber boxes, shells and timber pieces from the sea hanging from jute cords.




Wine tasting workshop

Summer decorations, sheels and  bird straw houses,  hung for a summer course.


Summer decorations inside a wine shop

A hammock is hanging with hats and baskets.



Shop Window decoration for a wine shop.

Behind the window, there are wine bottles displayed inside their timber boxes and wine glases, bottle corks and handmade ceramic pieces hanging from jute cord.

pizarra 2

St. Valentine & the Carnival week, decorations inside a wine tasting  school

The straw is handmade and the masks were made by the patients of Dr Esquerro Mental Hospital, in Santa Faz.


#Wine_shop, back of #shop_window

Shop Window Decoration for Wine Shop

The background of the shop window was made with timber wine boxes, where the bottles are displayed.  Over the boxes there are hunging wine glasses, bottle corks and ceramic pieces.

Health Shop

Beauty Health Shop Product Presentation,

the boxes of the product are displayed withing water and candles on on wax pattern fabricks.


Beauty Health Saloon


Beauty Health Saloon



Beauty Health Shop Window 

A string of wore soaps is hanging behind the window, with the bottles of the product and straw tools.

#Straw_heart, #St_Valentine

St. Valentine & the Carnival week, shop window

Shop window decorated for St. Valentine & the Carnival week,

The masks and the straw heart were handmade by the patients of Dr Esquerro Mental Hospital of Santa Faz. 


 photoshoped star

Health Beauty Saloon

Xmas shop window decoration with candles, inside glass star hanging. 


Shop Window, with Murano Glass Balls & wine  glasses

wine cork stoppers and ceramic


big and small

Gourmet Italian shop

Clothe hearts, aprons, wine glasses and Xmas decos.

The aloe tree was hung upside down from the ceiling, behind the window.

The Xmas tree decorated with natural plants and lights.

Aloe Xmas tree






Mixed themes


Chinese new year.



Back to school shop window, for a stationery


Adults and children paper figures are hung from strings.


Lingerie shop, St Valentine.


Red underwear, displayed like a bird net on a tree branch with a red ribbon.